What is Deskwork Injury Prevention?
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What  does the course cover? 

This is a course designed to protect working people from common kinds of injuries and problems that come from sitting for long periods; namely lower back problems, and stiff shoulders.

The exercises are also designed so that even if you are suffering from these problems, performing them regularly can relieve pain and tension and bring your basic core strength and flexibility back.  All SBJ training programs and exercises are designed to increase both strength and flexibility simultaneously; but this course more so than others is designed to hit particularly troublesome areas that can affect performance in everything from walking to just sitting upright. This is a great place to start a fitness journey, and get your strenghth and flexibility up to the point that you can go after other fitness goals you may have. 

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How does it work? 
  • DURATION: 2 hours 

    - Warm-up / Introduction (Why these exercises are important)
    - Bodyweight Exercises 
    - Introduction to SBJ resistance band training
    - Resistance Band Exercises 
    - Cool down/ Outro (How to maintain /protect your back in the long run). 

  • COST: 
    **The cost of the seminar varies depending on the location and sponsoring organization. To see when the next public seminar will be held, and the associated cost, please check the booking calender. 

    - April 25nd Legacy Lounge, Azabu Juban @10:00am

  • PRE-REGISTRATION: (book a spot or pay to receive your bands early) 

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**Bands will be available for pick-up on the day of the seminar or mailed to your home beforehand if so requested. 

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