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Our Training System

Whether you have strong athletic goals in conjunction with a sport you play, or just want to pick up and play with your kids without worry of risk of injury, having core strength can make the all the difference. 

In our functional fitness training program, we teach you the basics of increasing and maintaining core strength using simple exercises that you can also do at home. While of course, getting fit means developing a better body, what sets this training apart from traditional strength training is the focus on increasing systemic strength and function of the muscles. As such all of the training is done to work your muscles as systems instead of just one by one. 

This means not only are you less sore, (as the work is distributed across the system instead of in a specific muscle) it means the training makes your muscles more usable. 

As functional training is done one on one, it means the program can be focused on your needs, whether that be running faster, swimming farther, punching harder, or just developing the strength to pick up and carry your children without a backache. 

The basis of our system comes from IHP, the Institute of Human Performance in Florida, USA. IHP is ranked as being one of the top ten gyms in the united states, and the #1 core fitness training facility. They train everyone from Olympic athletes to professional baseball players. Strong Body Japan also doubles as the home of IHP Japan, and we are the only official distributor of IHP training equipment in the country. 

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