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Exercise Program Samples

The following videos show samples of how we build custom programs for sports or goal-specific training.  

Daily Lifting Strength

This is a course specifically designed for people who have to lift heavy loads in their daily routine. It's great for parents who have to carry young children, cameramen who have to carry heavy backpacks, people who work in nursing homes, or just generally people who have to carry heavy loads a lot.

Abs & Core Strengthing

This program was specifically designed to help you rebuild the core strength that you have lost over time from lack of exercise, injuries that preventing you from moving, or just getting older. Rebuilding your core strength is one of the fastest way to increase performance in virtually any sport, and just feel a lot younger in general.

Martial Arts Striking (Ex. Boxing)

Want to punch harder or kick higher? This program covers strength & functionality training specially developed for martial arts performance. The exercises will increase speed and strength in striking, grappling and even weapons play. The exact program can be adjusted to match the martial arts discipline of the participant.

Swimming Performance

This program has exercises designed to increase your ability to swim farther and swim faster. The exercises focus on the kinds of movements that swimmers do; and is useful for swimmers, bodyboarders, and surfers. All exercises can be done from the comfort of your own home and/or at those times that you can't make it to the pool.

Running Performance

The exercises in this program focus on the movements and muscle groups necessary to increase one's running ability. Great for those in training for competition and to have knowledge of how to workout and maintain your strength even at the times that you can't make it outside.


Having trouble trying to find a training program that works for you? Instead of trying to find one, let us build one for you. Do you do another sport other than the ones listed? Are you preparing for hip surgery and need to get stronger before the surgery? In that case, we can build a program specifically for you, your needs or your athletic goals in whatever sport you play. 

Here is an example of a custom program we made for a Tokyo-based businessman and entertainer named Guy. 

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