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How to Use the Bands

Our training system has been developed to work in conjunction with IHP's JC Pro Line Traveler Bands. These bands have been rated as "The Fitness Industry's Best Bands" by the Men's Health Magazine in USA, and are known not just for the quality of workout they give, but also for their versatility and safety features. 

Please read the accompanying directions the first time you use these videos to set up your bands. After that the arrows in the video will serve as reminders of important points to remember. 

How to Anchor to a Door
  • Choose a high, middle or low anchor point, and anchor the band on the hinge side of the door, where the door is strongest. High and middle points are above the hinge. The low point is below the hinge. 

  • Insert the strap at your chosen anchor point. Close the door, and check that it is fully closed. (If possible, lock it for extra safety). 

  • Tug on strap to make sure the anchor is secure before beginning the exercise. 

How to Anchor with a Partner


  • Pass your hand through the loop, wrap it around your wrist, and grip the nylon cord. But your other hand on top for additional support.

  • Hold the anchor close to your body to make it more stable.

  • Use a wide, athletic stance.


  • ​Place the band's loop around the middle of your foot.

  • Use a wide athletic stance (just like for a mid-anchor).

  • Put your bodyweight over the foot that is anchoring.

  • You can add additional stability by putting your hands on the stabilizing leg and pressing down.

How to Anchor Outdoors
  • Wrap the band around a thin area of the object that you want to anchor it to. 

  • Open the nylon loop on the anchor side.

  • Pull the entire band set through it (including the sockets) until the nylon loop is wrapped around the object. 

  • Test to make sure it is anchored securely, and the object itself is strong enough to support the pull from the bands.

How to Anchor with a Band Loop


  • A band loop can be used to anchor around an object that is too big for your band's anchor loop. It can also be used to add length



  • Wrap the band loop around the object you want to anchor to.

  • Slide the carabiner end through the red loop at the other end. 

  • Pull it tight to make sure it is secure. 

  • Release the red carabiner lock by unscrewing it. (The rounded side is down). 

  • Push the latch in, and then slide your band's loop into it. 

  • Step back until your band is taunt.

  • Make sure everything is secure before beginning your exercise. 

How to remove/install replacement bands

JC Pro Line Bands are the best built and safest bands in the industry. They have an internal cord that the band attaches to, so that if it ever breaks it stays attached to the cord. This way it will not cause injury or property damage. That being said, sometimes a band can wear out and needs to be replaced. 

Also, bands can be swapped out for higher or lower resistance loads. They are as follows: 

  • Pink- 30 lbs of resistance

  • Orange- 50 lbs of resistance

  • Green- 80 lbs of resistance

  • Hold the cord with the bottom three fingers of the hand, with the thumb on the top of the socket. 

  • Use the other hand to stretch the cord to make it thin enough to pull through the opening in the socket. 

  • To put another band in, reverse the process. Stretch the cord to make it thin, put it in the opening of the socket and then secure the end. 

How to stand when using the bands

All of the exercises only utilize 3 stances:

  • Parallel Stance

  • Left Staggered Stance

  • Right Staggered Stance

The stances should be wide enough to feel stable, but not so wide that they are hard to stay in. For lower band loads, you can use lighter stances. For heavier band loads, you should use deeper and wider stances. 


  • Make sure both feel are parallel and your knees are both bent. 


  • Position your legs like you are in mid-stride while walking. 

  • To make your core work harder and train ankle stability, do the exercises with the back heel off the ground. 

  • To make it easier or more stable, put the back heel on the ground.

How to "double-up" bands for increased resistance.
  • Take one of the handles and feed it through the loop of the other handle.

  • Repeat 2 more times. 

  • Make sure that the handle you aren't using is in FRONT of your hand and on the back of the hand side (not the palm side) so it doesn't interfere with your movement. 


  • Step back farther to make the band tighter. (They have an internal safety line so they cannot break) 

  • Increase speed of the movement. 

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