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Things to keep in mind when doing a Strong Body Japan home fitness routine and/or sports performance workout

  • Always secure band to a strong and stable structure and follow manufacture’s Set-up recommendations.

  • Never secure the band to a sharp object or one with a pronounced edge.

  • Never pull a band towards anyone’s face or position it in line with anyone’s face.

  • Never stretch the band beyond the manufacturers recommended stretch length.

  • Never use a JC Santana band with handle or pocket from another brand.

  • Never expose the band to extreme heats (e.g. leaving the band in car or outside in the heat)

  • Never use in bleached or chlorinated water, such as a pool.

  • Never step on band or tie band around an object to secure the band.

  • CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber from LATEX, which has been known to cause allergic reactions.

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The most important feature a band has to take into consideration is SAFETY. JC Bands were created with a breaking mechanism that performs two important functions.

  • SAFETY: This is referred to as a SAFE STRETCH mechanism. This mechanism connects the two end plugs by an internal cord. In the case a band breaks, the two elastic segments stay connected to the cord and do not snap on a body or property. This prevents bodily harm or property damage.


  • OPTIMAL USE: The second function of the safe stretch mechanism is that it prevents the band from being stretched beyond its optimal safe zone (~4 times its length). Staying within the manufacturer’s suggested stretch range prevents abusive stretching and increases the life span of the band’s utility. The results? Safer and longer lasting bands.

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