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Our Equipment

All of our equipment is built with three goals in mind: 

  • To be TIME-SAVING (all of our workouts can be completed in under 20 minutes)

  • To be SPACE-SAVING (all of our equipment can fit in a backpack or carry-on luggage)

  • To be AFFORDABLE for the average person. 

JC Traveler's Bands

This is the basic tool around which most of our home fitness and/or sports performance training is based. Small enough to carry with you anywhere, can anchor on any door, and bands can be swapped out for lighter and heavier resistance loads. Bands can be swapped in and out of handles at any time without damage to the bands or handles themselves. 

Replacement Bands

Replacement bands can be purchased in the case that a band is damaged, so that you don't have to order a completely new set. They can also be ordered with different resistance loads  to increase or decrease the difficulty of certain movements to add greater variety to the kinds of workouts you can do. 

Band Loop

Band Loops are used for anchoring at times where you don't have access to a hinged door, and/or a partner to work with. They can be used to anchor around thicker objects and are great for parks or outdoor areas.

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