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Facts to consider
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What  does the course cover? 

This is a 2-hour course.

The first hour consists of lecture on the following topics: 


  • How to avoid back problems from long hours of deskwork

  • How to find and get rid of daily "aggravators" that are causing you back pain.

  • How to take care of, and maintain your back in the long run. 

  • How to know what exercises are best for your back, regardless of whether you want general health or have sports specific goals. 

  • How to maintain a healthy and stable back regardless of the sport you play or the style of work you do. 

The second hour consists of physical training on: 

  • Back Decompression Exercises

  • Stretches and simple exercises you can do at work

  • Stretches and simple exercises you can do in your chair when you may not be able to stand up regularly. 

  • Exercises for creating rock-solid core stability so that you can work and exercise pain-free

  • Bodyweight and resistance band exercises that you can do even when you are away from home to maintain your strength. 

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Exercise Samples

The following videos show samples of the content covered and explained in the course. 

3 Standing Stretches for Desk workers デスクワーカーの為の立って行う3つのストレッチ

3 Standing Stretches for Desk workers デスクワーカーの為の立って行う3つのストレッチ

日本語は⬇️For a healthy back if you work at a desk, you should stand up at least once every 50 minutes. Here are three of the stretches from a routine we teach at SBJ's Total Back Care seminars that you can do during one of those standing periods. They will help alleviate the kind of physical issues that come with sitting in front of a computer all day. How to do them: 1) Stretch until you feel a bit of tension in the muscle. 2) Hold it until you feel it relax a bit. 3) Then do it again and push further the second time. 4) DO NOT push to the point of pain. Stretching should not be painful or traumatizing. 5) Breath slowly and rhythmically. To hear more about the seminars, check out: Reference: "Stretching" by Bob Anderson デスクワークをしている人が健康な背中を保つためには、以下のことが必要です。 一日中パソコンの前に座っていると、体の不調を感じることがあります。 少なくとも50分に1回は立ち上がるようにしましょう。 ここでは、SBJのトータルバックケアセミナーで教えているストレッチの中から、立ち仕事の合間にできる3つのストレッチをご紹介します。これらのストレッチを行うことで、一日中パソコンの前に座っていることによる体の不調を軽減することができます。 1) 筋肉の緊張を感じるまでストレッチしましょう。 2)筋肉が少し緩むのを感じるまで、その状態を維持します。 3)その後、もう一度行い、先ほどよりやや負荷をかけます。 4) 痛みを感じるほど無理をしないようにしましょう。 ストレッチは、痛みや外傷を伴うものであってはなりません。 5)呼吸はゆっくりとリズミカルに行いましょう。 セミナーの詳細を聞きたい方は、こちらをチェックしてみてください。 参考文献 「ストレッチング」ボブ・アンダーソン著 #backpain #stiffshoulders #lowerbackpain #backache #backcare #telework #backhealth #workingathome
When and where are they held?

SBJ Total back care seminars are usually hosted by organizations. The following is a list of organizations that have hosted us, and/or continue to host our seminars regularly: 


(Legacy Foundation Japan)


(Formerly the Toyota Research Institude for Advanced Development)

Do I need a host organization to take this as a class?
  • No, you do not need a host organization to take the content for this course. SBJ instructors are available to offer the content individually on a private basis as well. 

  • It's just a matter of reaching out to us, booking an instructor, and setting up a time and place. 

  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, if you are an organization who is interested in hosting or if you are an individual who wants to learn the content privately. 

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