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Facts to consider
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What  does the course cover? 

This is a 2-hour course.

The first hour consists of lecture on the following topics: 


  • How to avoid back problems from long hours of deskwork

  • How to find and get rid of daily "aggravators" that are causing you back pain.

  • How to take care of, and maintain your back in the long run. 

  • How to know what exercises are best for your back, regardless of whether you want general health or have sports specific goals. 

  • How to maintain a healthy and stable back regardless of the sport you play or the style of work you do. 

The second hour consists of physical training on: 

  • Back Decompression Exercises

  • Stretches and simple exercises you can do at work

  • Stretches and simple exercises you can do in your chair when you may not be able to stand up regularly. 

  • Exercises for creating rock-solid core stability so that you can work and exercise pain-free

  • Bodyweight and resistance band exercises that you can do even when you are away from home to maintain your strength. 

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Exercise Samples

The following videos show samples of the content covered and explained in the course.